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The Preschool Fair 2020 Success!

Our Second Annual Preschool & Childcare Fair was this past January at the Westfield Annapolis Mall. The vendors and attendees all had great things to say about this event. There was a ton of information given out, connections made, and fun had by all!

With our followup form to our vendors we have decided that we will end the fair at 2PM next year instead of 3PM due to the fall off of attendees around "nap time." Here are some vendor testimonials we received this year after the fair:

Another great Event —Grannie Annies

Nice turn out! —Kids Farm

Spoke to many families that specifically came to the event looking for more information about preschools while some families were at the mall and saw the signage and stopped by. Successful event for our school since we already have one application and three more tours scheduled with several other promising leads. I was able to make 2 appointments for tours while at the fair. Also, great networking event. Thank you for organizing this event. —Calvary Center School

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