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Testing ad platforms

I hate wasting money, but I realize the necessity of advertising and trying different types of ads and different ad platforms. The differences could mean that your money gives you a great return on investment, or you just blew a wad of cash. So, we test the ads we run and then review the results.

And yes, even though we are a media network, we run ads all the time. We have set goals and expectations for each ad campaign.

Here are the results from three ad campaigns we ran in March.


This campaign was to introduce a new service we have for parents to help them find the best

neighborhood for them to live in with their family. The ad was targeted at real estate agents within a 25 mile range of Annapolis. The goal was to get interested real estate agents to go to a specific landing page and request information.

Platform: Facebook and Instagram

Cost: $70

Reach: 4,838

Response: 0 response


The goal of the next campaign was to get more subscribers for our monthly print magazine by sharing with them a sample of our most recent issue.

Platform: Instagram

Cost: $0

Reach: 333

Response: 10 comments and 5 sign ups

Note: results this good without paying for additional reach don’t happen very often.


The goal of the third ad was to get parents to register for a free online virtual camp fair. The ad was targeted at parents with children ages 5-14, living within a 25 mile radius of Annapolis.

Platform: Pop-Up (10 day run) on

Cost: $400

Reach: 49,942

Response: 182 clicks

and 49 sign ups

Cost per sign up: $.08

As you can see, results varied widely. If you know your audience and the goals of your marketing we’re happy to help you decide which ad platforms will perform best for you.

Email us at for a no obligation marketing review, or to ask any marketing questions you may have.

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