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STEAM Fair 2020 Important Announcement

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

The staff at Chesapeake Family Life has been talking to Annapolis Recreation & Parks where we have reserved the entire first floor of the Pip Moyer Recreation Center - all 3 basketball courts. We also have the option to use the ball field beside the Rec Center. But since the STEAM Fair is all about hands-on activities and that really isn’t going to be possible this year because of COVID-19, we have decided to switch things up and we think we’ve come up with a really fun idea. 

We’re introducing STEAM Fair in-a-box!

Each participating child will receive one box mailed to them. It will be marked Do Not Open Until October 19 at 6:30pm

On Oct 19, at 6:30pm there will be a LIVE broadcast with a special guest and our sponsor. The sponsor and special guest will talk about careers in STEAM Fields. It will then be time for the kids to open their box to see what is inside.

Inside the box, kids will find 10 different activities. The instructions and a video for each project will be posted online over the course of a week. Each day will have specific projects and speakers. 

Here’s your chance to participate as a sponsor.

  • There will be one main sponsor whose name will go on the specially designed box and be the sponsor to go LIVE on Oct 19. 

  • A second sponsorship is available for the inside top of the box. 

  • In total there is room for 10 activities inside the box. Each sponsor will have a branded project for kids and a video with instructions online.

  • An additional 10 sponsored projects will be posted online with necessary project materials and instructions as well as a video from the sponsor. 

  • There will be a total of 20 projects associated with STEAM Fair in-a-box. 10 will be in the box, in fact the box itself can be part of a project, plus there will be 10 more projects that can be done separately. The projects will be scheduled out and available over the course of a week on a specially designed web page. 

Promotions will begin immediately for the STEAM Fair. Promotions include sponsor names and logos across all of the Chesapeake Family Life media platforms including print, web, via e-newsletter, social media, and in the podcast 3rd Floor views. The marketing for STEAM Fair 2019 won a national award and this year we have even more planned, reaching over 250,000 parents. 

We’d love to tell you more about sponsorship opportunities and how Chesapeake Family Life is reaching out to the parents of school-aged children. Call us at 410.263.1641 ext 212 or email us here.

Check out what our attendees had to say about last year's event by clicking here.

Keep up-to-date on all things STEAM Fair by checking back here often or following us on facebook.

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