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Interview Testimonial

We received this lovely note from one of our Interview participants over the Summer. We are thankful for any and all feedback for all our projects, especially our newer ones like interviews so we can help determine the best way possible to help our advertisers and have great resources for our readers. Our staff agrees that the our favorite part of the letter is knowing Bayside had a Covid-free Summer.


Hello Donna.

I hope this finds you, your family and everyone at Chesapeake Family well.

We wanted to follow up now summer is behind us and Thank You for having me be a part of the Camp Covid talk which helped families feel better about us (and others) opening and helped us spread the word back in June that we were going to open camp. This summer was one of the most tiring and stressful summers of our lives as we navigated the pandemic summer, but we made it through and as many families put it, we were able to give kids a little bit of “normal” to a stressful time for everyone. We were extremely fortunate that we made it through all 12 weeks with no Covid cases. (We did wait to send this email a few weeks to make sure : )

We definitely attribute making it through the summer to the fact Bayside is such an outdoor program, but credit goes to our staff for the extra cleaning and mask reminding, parents doing their part not sending kids to camp if they had concerns about exposure and to the State of Maryland for helping us being able to open in the first place and DNR and the Sandy Point’s staff hi ave to get some credit.

When we decided to open it was stressful just wondering if we should even open at all as there was so much still unknown and If families would send their kids. While we had to keep our numbers much lower, we were able to average close to 100 kids throughout the

summer. I do think the Chesapeake Family Covid talk helped tremendously. We have always appreciated Chesapeake Family and the benefit it provides the families in our area.

Thanks again, stay safe and stay well.


Here are a few of our kids from summer (masks required : ) Honestly, that was the biggest challenge we faced, getting the kids to wear them whenever we came together or groups got closer.

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