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Email marketing delivers click through rates that are up to six times higher than that of social

Subscription e-newsletters remain one of the most effective ways of reaching a targeted audience but building and maintaining a good list is expensive and time consuming.

Enhanced email marketing now offers businesses a way to expand their reach with a database of verified email addresses and the demographic information that corresponds to each email.

Enhanced emails are hyper-targeted to a specific group of prospective buyers with the use of multiple data points including zipcodes, age, gender, children in the household, income, homeowner and more. These hyper-targeted emails give the sender high click through rates, increased website traffic and more people looking at your services.

Combine enhanced email with beautiful print ads and your ROI will increase exponentially giving you a very profitable advertising campaign.

Chesapeake Family Life can design your emails for maximum click through rates and guide you through the process of choosing the demographics that will bring you the most business.

Exclusive enhanced email blasts are available for $1800 or

a multi-advertiser email going to the same defined demographic for $600 each.

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