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Programmatic marketing is automated bidding on advertising inventory in real time, for the opportunity to show an ad to a specific type of customer, in a specific context or location.


Simply put it is:

     The Power of...

     the Right Message,

     to the Right Person,

     at the Right Time. 


How does Programmatic Marketing work?

It uses the information collected to target likely buyers based on the information associated with their unique behaviors.

Ads follow the user, ads will appear where they are spending time on the internet. 


  • Types of Programmatic Marketing Include:

    • Geo Fencing is a term used to describe precisely targeting customers at a specific location. This
      could be a zip code, street or down to an address.

    • Geo Targeting focused on a specific geography with using the keyword/search tactic. Once a
      geography is chosen keywords can then be implemented.

    • Keyword/Search uses the Device IDs and IP addresses store search behavior allowing
      savvy businesses to retarget consumers using very specific keywords!

    • Site Retargeting is a display advertising technique used by marketers to display advertising
      to people who have previously visited their website. The marketer includes a pixel within
      their webpage which sets a cookie in the user's browser.

  • Technology Capabilities of Programmatic Marketing

    • It retargets visitors once they visited your website

    • Retargets them based on the keywords they searched

    • Retargets based on articles and content they read

    • Retargets them based on a location they visited

    • Creates a virtual boundary around your location(s) allowing you to track the last mile – onsite conversion of those that have seen your ad and walk through your door for services.


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