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Splash of Pink at White House Black MarketI took a little break today and while out at lunch I went into a White House Black Market store. Since I have two conferences to attend in the next two months I wandered around the store.

Sometimes I find things in there that I really like and occasionally they have great items on sale.


At the back of the store one of the sales women stopped me to ask if she could help. I really was just looking and I told her so.

She was very nice and said I should enjoy looking but she had just three quick things to tell me and she numbered them as she told me.

#1) all of the camis were buy one get one half off (didn’t need any new camis so I just nodded)

#2) all of the jewelry was half off (I’m not in the habit of buying jewelry from White House, Black Market)

#3) and most importantly of all (she actually said that), the new colors coming in next week for the summer are taupe and dark brown, to go perfectly with the pinks on sale now and soon to be out of stock.

Do you know I wandered back through the store a second time and looked at all of the pink clothes? Who wouldn’t? Pink won’t be there next week and it will go perfectly with the new stuff coming in.

What a terrific sales person she is. She offered three quick, easy to explain, very diverse options for me to purchase. And most importantly of all she created an urgency. I walked around the store a second time. I didn’t buy anything but I wanted to offer the sales person a job.

Here's how her sales tips boiled down:

  1. Quick and easy to explain
  2. Diverse options
  3. Created urgency

Bravo White House Black Market!